It's YOUR time to THRIVE

I'm Andrew, Your Survivor Coach & Healing Guide

As a brain tumor survivor, I realized how painful and frightening recovery can be without a balance of physical and mental astuteness. After finding balance and rewriting my story, I discovered what it takes to move forward and achieve what I want out of life.
My goal is to help others faced with surgical or emotional traumas rewrite their story and become Leaders of Change. When you create a new meaning for yourself, you create a new life. I'm here to team up with you to help you heal, unlock the power of your past and navigate through the uncertainty and challenges of surgery and trauma.


"You have to establish who you want to be in this life. Don't let anyone tell you who you should or shouldn't be"




My life presented me with impactful  moments in which I had to decide if I was going to let them defeat me or empower me. Thankfully, I chose the latter.

I had been diagnosed with brain cancer and had an oncologist wanting to discuss the average life expectancy for a brain cancer patient. In that moment I saw how people can write your story for you. People that we consider to be in a high position of power can drastically affect our mindset to inhibit healing regardless if they mean to or not. I realized that we don't see things as they are, we see them as we are, which tends to be worse than reality.  Because of this, I knew changes had to occur. I couldn't let my story be written FOR ME. I had to write it MYSELF.  When I made this decision, God guided me but I created a story with the topics presented to me. I came through my surgery and woke to my neurosurgeon telling me I didn't have cancer. My type of tumor was something he'd hadn't seen before. It was different, but benign. I was told by my GP that "You are indeed loved by God and meant for something great."

Knowing I had to make a positive impact on lives, I developed Leaders of Change: (RE)NARRATIVE (RE)COVERY.

As your Survivor Coach, I want to bring out the grateful leader; the empowered author of your life that's inside you. I saw a massive and positive difference when I changed my goals, my mindset, the content in my life and continued to rewrite my story. I created a new standard for myself when I was caught in a negative mindtrap. I began to say "If I can't accomplish something, I MUST DO IT, I'll find a way." I know for a fact that you are capable of anything you desire to do in life. How do i know this? Schedule a free intro session with me and find out.


The 3 Parts of You

Leaders of change is about finding yourself. Creating more lions to lead the herds of sheep to better lives of learning, growing and succeeding. I believe that we are all lions and capable of the greatest things. As the eagle flies alone above all others; you must be able to embark on this journey inside to find the one true you. Have faith and know that you have someone to help guide you.



The most powerful tool you have

Your mind is the key to manifesting all that you want in your life. Everything man made that you see, hear and touch in your life was once a thought that somebody manifested into reality. Let's dig deeper and learn more about the most powerful tool in existence.

Expand your mind


A physical representation of you

How you see yourself in your mind. How you feel about yourself in your daily life. How you feel about those around you. It all can be read through your body. Your body is a billboard of you and how you are feeling. Body language is something you cannot hide. Make your body a proud representation of you.

Respect your body


The inner voice. The person within.

The voice inside. The love within. The true version of who you are is found in your soul. What does your soul say about you? Are you centered or lost? Angry or at peace? Happy or distraught? Learn to find your true self and center them. For there is but one you with a unique gift to share with the world.

Center Yourself


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