(RE)NARRATIVE (RE)COVERY is about finding, healing and empowering the real you. We all go through challenging times in life that push us into a corner of uncertainty and pain. That place is not where we're meant to be. If you've experienced struggles from an injury, surgery, emotional trauma, incredible hardship or even a limiting diagnosis, I'm here to tell you that all those struggles are packed with immense potential power and drive. They are not permanent circumstances and are indeed movable objects. Most of us who've gone through some sort of rehab will probably notice they offer Physical Therapy, Occupational Therapy and Speech/Cognitive Therapy. But there is one missing piece to the puzzle; mental recovery. People who have experienced such traumatizing events will know the toll it takes on your mind.

I am one of these people. I am a brain tumor survivor who realized how painful and frightening recovery can be without a balance of physical and mental astuteness. After finding balance and rewriting my story, I discovered what it takes to move forward and achieve what I want out of life. Life is a plethora of thoughts that we sew together to make a personal reality. I'm here to help make that reality a bright and successful one. A setback is a setup for a step up!

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What My Logo Means

In search for a meaningful logo that aligns with my mindset and beliefs in life, I discovered that nothing quite fit. I thought about what a plentiful life includes and narrowed it down to 3 elements: Balance, momentum and a mindset of infinite possibilities for abundance. So what did I do? I created this logo by utilizing an open Yin Yang symbol to indicate balance and momentum; then the infinity sign for infinite possibilities. When we're able to create and consistently utilize these 3 elements in our lives, success and growth are inevitable.



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