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What is impossible?

What do you consider impossible in your life? Now, why is it impossible? You see, we all have things deemed "impossible" in our minds. These thoughts create chains which hinder us from growth. Impossible is only a word, yet when tied into restricting thoughts we prevent ourselves from finding ways to make the impossible, possible. The secret to achieving what we truly desire most in our lives is mindset, perseverance, creativity and mental fortitude. We are our own worst enemy and WE allow others to tell us what to do and if we can accomplish our goals or not. This type of allowance will keep you on the ground and not in the sky where you need to be. We were all created not to be mundane and tied down. We were created to achieve greatness and enjoy the lives we were given. All of us were born with a blank slate no matter what region of the world we come from. It's all up to you to rise up and become what you want to be. There is a huge difference between what you believe and what you know. We know facts, trends, stats, media, fashion, etc. but what do YOU believe in? We are fed ways of thinking from the day we're born to mold us into what is considered "ideal" from the standpoint of the highest influencers (government, music, celebrities, artists, etc). You must learn to differentiate what you believe from what you were conditioned to believe. Belief is a feeling from within, a sense or calling of what is right. Many of us know that although others deem things to be too difficult or odd due to outside the box thinking, is because they are scared and feel that it's much easier to say and think that the acceptable is what you're doing is impossible and move on with it. I challenge you to step away from that mindset and answer these questions: what is impossible to you and why is it impossible? Once these are answered you can begin dissecting ways to make these things happen for you. After all, it's how you say things that determine where your mind goes next. I.E. that's too expensive for me to afford VS. How can I afford it? Ask yourself the right questions and watch your creative intuition kick in.

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